Business-Continuity-Button.pngVotacall's Built-in Disaster Recovery Plan

Always be prepared. Does your business have a Disaster Recovery Plan? A Cloud Phone System has built-in, “out-of-the-box” value that is unique to the Cloud itself.

By nature, the Cloud delivers advanced solution control which far exceeds any traditional PBX and enterprise functionality, but without the price tag. When solution control and enterprise functionality work together, the potential and probability for bullet-proof business continuity is a reality. Too many organizations put off or don't consider a DR Plan until there is an actual event, but at that point it's too late.

A lack of preparation will cause employee productivity to flatline and customer experience to suffer which creates a loss of confidence, clients and revenue. Disaster Recovery is just too important to put off.



Website-DR-Page-Redundancy-image_1.pngWe are all Mobile in the Cloud...

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is about long term preparation and prevention, not short term action. A Fully managed Hosted VoIP phone system has innate disaster recovery functionality that comes with moving voice to the Cloud. It is not a separate line item or a bolt-on product or a premium service - basic Disaster Recovery functionality is simply a Cloud advantage.

However, the number of layers your Hosted VoIP DR Plan covers, and therefore how truly protected your organization actually is, isn't determined by the Cloud itself but by the Cloud Solution Provider that's delivering and managing the Hosted VoIP service.


...But not all Hosted VoIP is Equal

Businesses get basic Disaster Recovery functionality when moving to the Cloud. True protection is based on the Cloud Solution Provider’s network, implementation best practices and support and solution management philosophy. There are many variables in the Hosted VoIP DR equation that must be considered. Votacall established a checklist to assist in the process of selecting the right Hosted VoIP Solution provider when disaster recovery and business continuity are the top priorities.


The Hosted VoIP Provider Checklist: 

Website-DR-Page-Checklist-image.pngIn The Cloud Best Practices

  • The Hosted VoIP Provider must manage a Redundant Cloud Platform
  • The Hosted VoIP Platform(s) must reside in Carrier-Class Data Centers
  • The Data Centers must be located in different regions to limit exposure on a regional event
  • A Web-based Portal for anywhere administration


At the Customer Location Best Practices

  • Installation of a managed router for solution management and support
  • The Managed Router and Provider must support multiple internet connections from diverse carriers for failover
  • The Hosted VoIP Provider must include onsite implementation service


General Disaster Recovery Solution Best Practices

  • Pre-implementation project management to design and program the everyday solution based on specific needs and a DR plan for the not so everyday scenario but also tailored to the needs of the organization
  • The Hosted VoIP Service must be fully managed service
  • The Hosted VoIP Solution Provider must have a mobile strategy and the products to back it up


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