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Customer Onboarding

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Step 1. Preparation

Every Votacall VoIP Customer is assigned a Project Manager to ensure a smooth transition onto the Votacall platform.

The PM starts the project by researching + learning all about your business. 

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Step 2. Kickoff

This is where you get to meet your PM


The kickoff call is designed to establish timelines, feature needs and - most importantly - a relationship with your PM.

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Step 3. Discovery

Your PM compiles all the relevant info to prepare for the solution design phase.

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Step 4. Design

Your PM and the Votacall Solutions team designs your VoIP solution, specific to your business.

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Step 5. Install

We don't "Ship and Pray"

Installing our stuff shouldn't be on your to do list.

Your PM orders your equipment and schedules a technician for onsite installation. 

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Step 6. GO Live!

Your businesses phone numbers have a lot to do with your businesses identity. 

Your PM coordinates and schedules the porting of your phone numbers. Once the numbers port, you're live!

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Step 7. Training

Your PM will schedule and conduct training sessions specific to your business.

We want Votacall VoIP users empowered by our solution and personalized training is how we get it done.

P.S. At Votacall, training is NOT a one and done thing, it's ongoing.

So, when you need a refresher, we're here to give it to you!

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Step 8. Support Handoff

Our best selling product is our Support! 

Your PM will schedule a handoff call with a Votacall CX liaison who will review the managed service with you.

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Step 9. Bill Review

You should know what you're paying for...

so we schedule a bill review with a billing specialist for all new customers.

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🏁 Finish Line 🏁

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Next Step... 

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