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Hosted Call Center

Memorable customer experiences start with great conversations.

The way you interact matters. Dealing with your company should be easy, effective, and even enjoyable. In a world where your customers have more options than ever, the way they feel when they talk to you is that much more important. Here's how our Hosted Call Center can help.


Track activity 

Votacall Hosted Call Center lets you manage your team's activity by tracking call flow, average wait times, and rep call volume.

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Hosted Call Center

Message your teammates 

Hosted call center reps can message each other within the Unity platform to ask questions and share wins.


Access your call center from anywhere 

You shouldn't be limited by your location, the weather, or which device you're using. Because our call center is cloud-based, your reps can sign into it from wherever they are. Admins can also manage their teams on the fly.

Get Mobile

“We’ve worked with Votacall for a decade now and they’ve never let us down. Our call center never misses a beat thanks to their prompt and friendly team and continued introduction of products. The mobile app has taken our team to an entirely new level of flexibility, and we’re confident we’ll always be up and running knowing the platform is solid and their support team has our back.”

Daniel Begg
VP of Customer Experience, Cloud9 Living


Key Features

Call "Barging"

Listen in on calls as they're happening to provide real-time coaching. 

Detailed Call Reporting

Keep track of your team's call volume and talk time, and learn how the two correlate with resolutions and revenue.

VoIP Mobile App

Sign into your extension and add yourself to your call center using a phone, computer, or mobile device.

CRM Integrations

Integrate our Hosted Call Center with your existing tools to streamline data entry & call research.

GUI-Based Call Control

Reps can click to dial, answer calls, transfer, and place customers on hold.

Speech-Enabled Call Center

Hosted Call Center users have access to Chitchat, our VoIP speech recognition suite.

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