Mechanic Advisor

Meet Gregg.


"Living every day in the startup world with so many changing and moving parts it is nice to have the flexibility Votacall offers. We have remote full time employees we collaborate with daily and votcall's solution keeps us connected as if they are sitting in the office.  We also love being able to add, subtract and reconfigure phones/desks in seconds as our business evolves."

Gregg Rainville, Chief Revenue Officer at Mechanic Advisor

What does Mechanic Advisor do?

Mechanic Advisor builds automotive CRM software that's designed to help auto body shops grow their business and strengthen relationships with their existing customers. Their platform allows shops to send text alerts, conduct email campaigns, and advertise their services online.

How do they communicate?

For a young company like Mechanic Advisor, having flexibility is key. Between adding new staff members and needing to collaborate with full-time remote employees, the company can't afford to be tied down by a traditional PBX. 

How does Votacall help?

Having a phone system that's hosted in the cloud has been a huge benefit to Mechanic Advisor. Now, they can add and reconfigure users within minutes, and also make sure that their remote employees are under the same communications platform as the people that work in their office. This allows the company to make sure that remote workers are always in the loop, and every bit as effective as their in-office counterparts.

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