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Cost-effective VoIP service backed by unmatched customer support. 

Don't overpay for a phone system that limits your organization. Here's how Votacall VoIP makes communication easier for nonprofits.


"Managing phone systems for nonprofit organizations used to be a headache. That has all changed now with the advent of cloud-based communications which are easily affordable to the typical nonprofit and which offer features that are essential to today’s efficient office environment."

Phil Collyer
Career Nonprofit Executive

Phil Collyer

Here's what Votacall does for you.

Improve Reliability

Regardless of who you serve, your programs should never be impacted by a lack of communication. Votacall VoIP keeps you up and running through natural disasters and power outages.

Connect Locations

When you make the switch to Votacall, you connect all your locations under one phone system. No matter where you're working from, you can always reach a coworker just by dialing their extension - or saying their name.

Cost Savings

Traditional phone service is expensive. Between maintenance contracts and sky-high usage fees, there's a good chance you're spending more than you should be. When you move to the cloud, you pay for the users you need, and the rest is included.

Customer Story: Urban Pathways

Urban pathways is on a mission to end homelessness in New York. Their diverse set of programs aim to help homeless New Yorkers find their "way home," whether it's through case management, providing shelter, or their medical wellness initiatives. The organization uses Votacall to help coordinate their efforts, and relies on us for easy communication and responsive support.

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Key Features

Business Continuity

We create custom business continuity & disaster recovery plans to ensure that your customers can always reach you.

Speech Assistant

Votacall chitchat lets you make calls, send messages, and set your availability - all by just using your voice.
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24x7 Live Support

We're always here to help. Our U.S.-based support team is available 24x7 to troubleshoot issues or help make programming changes.
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Want an app that lets you take work calls on your cell phone? We have one. Want to turn your laptop or tablet into a business communication tool? No problem.
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Onsite Implementation

We handle every installation from start to finish. You tell us how you want things to work, and we'll set them up that way. 
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Unlimited Usage

Stop paying for additional usage and long-distance fees. Just pay for the lines you need and call away.

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