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Introducing Chitchat.

The way you communicate is about to change.

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Speech technology should be a standard business feature.

It's 2019. You can use your voice to search the internet, check the weather, or even order a cab. Shouldn't you be able to use it to reach people at work?
If you're a Votacall user, chitchat allows you to make calls, send messages, and access your full feature set - all by using your voice.
The best part? It's built into our platform, which means you don't pay anything extra for it.
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Chitchat now integrates with O365 and Gmail.

No matter who you're doing business with, start conversations with them by using your voice.

Make fast, easy connections

Chitchat allows you to quickly connect with customers & colleagues, whether you're a small business or an enterprise with a distributed workforce. With speech-enabled communications, you can reach anyone at your company as long as you know their name.

Use your voice anywhere

Speech access isn't limited to the office - Chitchat travels with you, no matter where you are or what device you're using. Store your speech assistant as a contact in your phone, or access it using the Votacall GO! mobile app. 

Get your own personal assistant

Chitchat comes with your own personal speech assistant, which you can access across your devices. Make calls, send team messages, and access key features - just by using your voice. 

Run your call center

Chitchat makes it easier for your agents to join your call center's queue. If they notice call volume building up unexpectedly, they can access their speech assistant and say "join the queue" to help out. It's that easy.

Why Use Speech-Enabled VoIP?

Here's a few ways that Chitchat makes your life a little easier.

Votacall Speech Assistant

Chitchat comes with a built-in speech assistant that helps you make calls, send messages, and access features.

Built-In Speech Directory

Call your coworkers just by saying their name, regardless of where you're both working from.

Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant (IVR)

Make life easier for inbound callers by allowing them to use their voice to navigate your menu.

Speech-Enabled Forwarding/Transfer

Tell Chitchat where you want to forward or transfer a call to, and it'll handle the rest.

Speech-Enabled "Anywhere"

Your speech assistant travels with you, and can be accessed from any device. 

Speech-Enabled Team Messaging

Create contact groups based on projects or department, then message those groups using Chitchat.

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