Hosted Call Reporting

Hosted call reporting tracks company phone usage and gives you data-driven insights on staffing, seasonality, and the activity of your customer-facing teams.  

Track Usage by Employee

Know how many calls are being made, how long they last, and who's having the most phone conversations. 

Manage Call Queues

See how much call volume your team is dealing with, and how long callers are waiting to speak with them.

Make Seasonal Changes

Hosted call accounting lets you keep track of long-term call trends, which can help you make staffing & infrastructure decisions based on the time of year.    


Establish Best Practices

Understand what makes your best sales & support reps effective, whether it's how many calls they're making or how quickly they're resolving issues on the phone.

Analyze Departments

Hosted call accounting allows you to see how many calls your teams are making, how long it takes them to answer incoming calls, and how much time they're spending on the phone. 

Access Call Information Easily

We'll set your admins up with custom logins so they can access call data and run reports no matter where they are, or what device they're using. 

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