Hosted Call Recording

Whether you're complying with regulations or trying to improve the effectiveness of your customer-facing teams, hosted call recording makes your job easier.

Web-Based Interface

We'll assign a login to all users of your call recording portal so they can easily access it from anywhere.    

Annotate Specific Calls 

Take notes on specific calls to help provide feedback for your experienced reps and training for new ones.  

Download and Distribute Calls

When a rep has a great call, you can send it to the rest of the team to help train and establish best practices.   

Decide What to Record

Hosted call recording allows you to pull all calls, or just select the percentage of calls you'd like to record. 

Ditch the Hardware

Unlike traditional call recording setups, our hosted call recording platform is fully cloud-based, so you don't need additional hardware to use it.

Find the Calls You Need

The Votacall recording portal allows you to search for calls by phone number, so you can quickly access interactions with important customers or prospects.

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