Call Center Supervisor Productivity Tools

Supervisors keep phone-based support teams running smoothly. These call center supervisor productivity tools help them manage queues, assist with escalated tickets, and provide training to reps as-needed.    

View Queues in Real-Time

Having a view of inbound activity allows call center supervisors to route calls, evaluate patterns, and make more informed staffing decisions over time.     

Monitor Agents' Presence

Call center supervisors can view agents' presence information (available, busy, out etc), so they'll always know who's available to take calls.  

Listen to Calls 

Supervisors can "barge" into ongoing calls to provide real-time coaching and monitor escalating issues. 

Share Recorded Calls

Listening to completed support calls is a great way to establish best practices and train new employees. Call center supervisors can quickly build on strategies that work, and do away with those that don't.  

Measure Agent Activity  

Supervisors can measure activity down to the agent level, so they'll know how many support tickets each rep is handling - and how long they're taking to handle them. 

Analyze Overall Metrics

Call center supervisors can review detailed reports that track key metrics like Average Time in Queue & Average Handle Time. If they want to make changes to improve customer experience, they'll have a good idea of where to start.


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