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Zendesk + Votacall

Integrate your Votacall phone system with Zendesk to make life easier for your reps and better for your customers.

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zendesk phone integration

The Gist

If you've ever been on a customer service call that's required you to repeat information, wait while a rep finds your info, or that you gave up on altogether, you're not alone. Votacall's Unity + Zendesk integration creates screen-pops, logs calls, and lets reps keep an eye on the queue so they can be as productive and helpful as possible.

Key Features

Inbound/Outbound Screen Popping

Any time a rep receives or makes a call to a number that's in your database, Unity will automatically open the customer record in Zendesk.

Automatic Logging

Once a rep hangs up with a customer, the call will automatically be logged into Zendesk so others have an accurate customer record.

Multi-Channel Logging

The Unity for Zendesk integrations logs every CS interaction, including emails, web chats, and even tweets.

View the Queue

Give reps a real-time view of the queue so they know when call volume is building up.

Abandon Call Reports

Your customer service team will get a list of calls that went unanswered or were abandoned by customers. The list also updates itself when they reach back out to customers that left support queues without a resolution.


Call Log Profiling

For prioritizing opportunities.