Call Center Agent Productivity Tools

To create great support experiences, you need to enable your customer-facing reps to be as effective as possible. These call center agent productivity tools will help reps improve their response time and deliver truly exceptional service.   

View Queues in Real-Time

By keeping an eye on live call queues, agents remember to keep handle times low, and can insert themselves into the queue when they notice volume building up.   

Set Your Status

Our desktop client allows your call center agents to set their status with the click of a button. 

View Others' Presence

Call center agents can view the "presence" (available, busy, out etc.) of up to 20 colleagues no matter where they're working from.

Message Teammates

Our desktop client allows call center agents to IM one another when they need to collaborate quickly, or elevate a support ticket to the supervisor level. 

GUI-Based Call Control

Call center agents can answer calls, place them on hold, transfer them, and conference others in all through their desktop client. 

Custom Integrations 

We integrate with major customer service platforms like Zendesk to streamline reps' workflows and make them more productive.  

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