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We feel the same the way!

VoIP Providers say the right things, but always under perform once the contract is signed. In the end, the customer (and your relationship with them as a trusted advisor) always suffers irrevocable damage.
Great marketing, not so great reality.
Votacall is different.
Now, we know what you're thinking...
"Yep, sure...more marketing, same mediocrity".
Well don't listen to us, listen to our customers who are just like you - MSPs.

👋Introducing Votacall - the VoIP Partner for MSPs 

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Read what our MSP Strategic Partners have to say...

Customer Experience


"TSI partners with Votacall because they share one of our most cherished values: To provide the highest level of quality customer service and support. I know that when I refer our clients to Votacall, that they’ll be in good hands and will find the best solution to meet their business needs.  We can’t recommend the Votacall team enough, and look forward to every opportunity to send our clients their way!"

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Teams Integration


"I can get behind my favorite software - Microsoft Teams - and my favorite VoIP Provider - Votacall - working together"

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The MSP Experience


"As a Managed Services Provider...in New York City and Philadelphia, we need to be able to rely on business partners who share our love and passion for client success & company culture. Fortunately, we found that with Votacall"

Customer Love

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Partner Alignment


"Our values were so aligned that partnering with Votacall for VoIP Services was an easy decision. It's a wonderful partnership for all and most importantly, our clients"

Read what our Customers say!

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Project Management


"The Votacall implementation process is detailed and better than any other VoIP system we have ever implemented."

See our Onboarding Process

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Leading the Game

"Working with Votacall is great! They're leading the game in voice tech especially their Microsoft Teams VoIP integration.

Their attention to customer service makes it easy for our technical team to collaborate on deployments to our mutual clients.

We’d recommend Votacall to any business looking to upgrade their voice experience"

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Commitment to CX

Votacall’s commitment to client success has been the driving force of our rewarding partnership.

As a Managed Service Provider, there’s nothing more important to us than providing our clients with an exceptional experience, we look for the same values in our strategic partners.”

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Welcome to the "anywhere" workplace.

Bring the Votacall Unified Communications Solutions with you wherever you go, using whatever device you want. 

One-Number Reach
Instant Messaging
Business Contacts

The modern workplace isn't defined by physical spaces, which is why we enable you to be connected and accessible no matter where you're working from.

Learn more about Votacall mobility below.

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Why UCaaS?

Here are some of the ways Unified Communications Solutions help you have better conversations.

Votacall Business VoIP

Cloud-based voice is a key part of our Unified Communications Solutions. Have productive conversations no matter where you are, or what device you're using.

HD Video

Have high-res video calls when you need to have a more in-depth meeting with a coworker that's in a different office, or works remotely.

Team Messaging

Our UCaaS platform lets you send instant messages when you need to collaborate with coworkers quickly.

Real-Time Collaboration

View and access shared files using the UC-One desktop app.

Team Presence Information

Know when coworkers are available, in meetings, or off for the day.

Built-In Mobility

The UC-One app can be accessed across your devices, which means you can bring the UCaaS platform with you wherever you go using your chosen device.

Want to see UCaaS in action?

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