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VoIP is an experience...
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Customer Case Study: Kings Dining and Entertainment Implements the Votacall Cloud Phone System for Scalability and Unrivaled Support

Kings Dining and Entertainment is a business at the forefront of the social-scene and gaming experience industry. Established in Boston in 2002 as Kings Bowl, Kings has expanded across the country in the following 16 years.

See how Votacall helps deliver seamless communication to all their locations, making it easy for Kings to grow nationwide.



Votacall Hosted VoIP

Affordable, easy to install and use. Minimize complexity with our cloud managed solutions.

Unified Communication

Anytime, anywhere access. Communicate and collaborate with your team on the go.

Cloud Call Center

A call center experience like no other. Easy to deploy and scale with feature rich productivity tools.

On-Premises Communication

Avaya voice and video solutions installed in your office, supported and maintained by us.

Investment Protection

Votacall performs all maintenance and upgrades to the Votacall platform at no additional fee to our customers.

Votacall Mobility

The Votacall Business Class VoIP solution delivers the tools for efficient, flexible and productive communication from anywhere.

Solution Control

Our customers have the  ability to make changes at the end-user and administration  levels through an easy to use  web-based interface.

Managed Solutions

Changing system settings, accessing features, altering call flow can all be accomplished from anywhere, at anytime and with any device.

Call Center Experts

Our product team constantly evaluates and enhances our call center functionality to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Constant Innovation

Votacall knows the cloud has changed the way we communicate and strives to help customers take advantage of every innovation.

Ultimate Redundancy

Redundancy and disaster recovery are major business concerns that Votacall addresses and delivers in a cost effective manner.

Custom Scalability

Our customers can add new services or new employees without adding unnecessary upfront costs, expensive upgrades or tech visits.



I have been using Votacall service for over 5 years now. The incredibly knowledgeable staff and service has exceeded my expectations on all levels. I can take my office with me anywhere at anytime, I am connected to my operation and clients at all times, it’s great.

Steve D. | Managing Partner- Law Firm


Cloud 9 Living has worked with Votacall since 2005 and we've been in good hands the entire time. Our move to a Cloud Phone System was an exceptionally smooth process from start to finish.  The Votacall Hosted PBX is not only powerful but cost effective as well, in fact the system paid for itself within 8 months. I'm amazed of where things were and where they are now with regards to reporting, user management & support. This new system has so much more to offer, it's incredible. Using this system has also provided more insight into my call center with a fraction of the time needed to do so. I must admit, the new system is actually enjoyable. Thank you!

Daniel Begg | Vice President of Customer Experience - Cloud 9 Living

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