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How Trilantic Capital Partners of North America Used Votacall To Improve Reliability

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About TCP

Trilantic Capital Partners North America is a private equity firm focused on control and significant minority investments. The business was formed in 2009 and largely targets investments in the business services, consumer, and energy sectors. TCP currently manages over $9.1 billion of capital commitments.


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The Problem

TCP  operates in a high-pressure, time-sensitive environment where excellent customer service and smooth over-the-phone interaction is a necessity. Following communications issues as a result of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and an office relocation in 2013, TCP were in the market for a new phone service provider - this time, finding one that took steps to ensure reliability and prompt support was a major priority.

The Goal

Provide a fast & easy implementation to get TCP up and running with minimal hassle or downtime. 

  • Gain an understanding of TCP's business and design a solution accordingly
  • Fully manage the installation and training process 
  • Port TCP to the Votacall platform with as little downtime as possible
  • Implement our solution with minimal disruption to TCP's day-to-day business

Seeking reliability & responsiveness

There were a few reasons that Trilantic chose Votacall after vetting several providers. First and foremost, they needed a high-touch provider that would manage the solution while providing responsive and effective support when needed. 

"Our business is extremely fast-paced and dynamic and having 'white glove' customer service is a must for us," said Sushene Swenson, Trilantic's Director of Management Company Operations.

The firm had experienced communication problems with their previous provider during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. This time around, they were looking for a company that would take a more proactive approach while also building reliability into their platform. 

"Senior points of contact are a mere phone call or email away, and always respond immediately."
                                               Sushene Swenson, Director of Management Company Operations

Finding the right fit

After vetting providers, Sushene and her team decided on Votacall's cloud-based VoIP platform. By moving Trilantic's communications to the cloud, she created an environment with built-in reliability - any time the firm's offices are impacted by inclement weather or outages, phone calls can automatically be re-routed to designated endpoints (remote offices, cell phones etc.)

More importantly, Sushene addressed the issue of ineffective support. A major reason she went with Votacall was because of the emphasis we place on the responsiveness and efficacy of our support. She also points to how easy it is to access Votacall support - rather than having to go through multiple channels to find help, she and her team have designated points of contact they can reach out to at any time.

In her words, "Senior points of contact are a mere phone call or email away and always respond immediately."


The Result

Since making the switch to Votacall, TCP North America has opened an office in Austin, TX to add to its' New York headquarters. The North American side of the firm currently has close to 50 employees who can easily connect with one another regardless of which location they primarily work from. 

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