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Customer Story: vineyard vines


About vineyard vines

vineyard vines was founded in 1998 on Martha's Vineyard when brothers Shep and Ian Murray left their desk jobs to start making ties that represented the Good Life. 

Today, vineyard vines is sold in over 600 specialty and department stores worldwide, online and through over 100 freestanding stores. vineyard vines is part of an active community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

How does vineyard vines communicate?

With every product vineyard vines makes, every order they take, they never forget that they’re nurturing a relationship. For them, making sure their customers are happy is everything. Votacall gives vineyard vines the ability to deliver on this promise.

How does Votacall help?

By utilizing Votacall's cloud-based solution, vineyard vines' retail locations are connected under one phone system. Any store can call another one simply by dialing an extension or using chitchat (Votacall’s speech enabled assistant). The retail employees can transfer customers between locations rather than asking them to hang up and dial a different number. 

Call Center Benefits

Using a cloud phone system also benefits the company's support call center, because it's more reliable. Now, the customer service team's ability to communicate is not impacted by the conditions at their physical location - if there is ever a storm or power outage, the company has a backup plan in place to make sure that calls are routed to crew members (agents) and answered. Their contact center also utilizes a suite of products including call recording, phone routing, and robust reporting tools.

The Result

By using Votacall, vineyard vines has connected their retail locations under one cloud-based phone system, which allows employees to connect with each other more easily and deliver smoother customer experiences. The company's support call center also has a more reliable solution that isn't impacted by outages or inclement weather, which ensures that customers who are calling always have someone to speak with.

stores connected
call center uptime
less phone-system induced headaches

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