Votacall-UC-ButtonUnified Communications: Are You Ready for the New Workplace?

“Work is an activity that we do, not a place where we go.” – Frost & Sullivan

The new workplace is not defined by an address or walls rather it is defined by your employees ability to access technology. Therefore, if corporate productivity and efficiency tools and technologies are universally accessible anywhere, the workplace can be anywhere.

This level of flexibility and agility is what your employees want and your customers expect.


How to Avoid a UC Problem

Unified Communications is a great idea on paper but when not properly implemented, UC functionality can have an adverse effect on an organization. 

The idea behind Unified Communications can be summed up with one word, productivity. Seems simple, right? In reality, seamlessly meshing all of the moving parts to establish a deeper level of productivity can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Remember that the goal is the creation of the Anywhere Workspace, customized to your corporate culture and the needs of your clients. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the communications and collaboration environment, specifically the tools which allow employees to be successful and create an exceptional experience for customers, is significant to mapping out a successful UC plan.


The 3 Keys to Unified Communications Success

3-keys-to-unified-communication.png1. Integration   2. Simplicity   3. Anywhere

Business can't grind to a halt because you're standing in a different spot than you were yesterday.

  • An employee should never feel like they cannot accomplish something based on their physical location.
  • Meetings should never be cancelled because “Bob” is out of the office.
  • The Customer Experience should never be defined by geography.

The bottom line is, employee productivity should not be based on an address; in fact, it should seamlessly and cost-effectively travel.

By integrating everyday functionality into a single, powerful yet simple to use package, organizations empower their employees. That is Unified Communications.


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Votacall-UC-ButtonOn-Demand, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Access

We live in an always on world. We stay connected using the smart device or devices that work for us.

The widespread access and adoption of robust smart device technology coupled with our ability to personalize our mobile phone experience has positioned the everyday, average user for quick access to what they want, when they want it. From entertainment, to shopping, to our relationships via social media and beyond, we are never out of touch and what we want is never out of reach. We demand this type of access and performance from the technology we use in our personal lives… We should demand the same level of performance and personalization from the technology that we use every day in our professional lives!


Unified Communications 101

Votacall’s UC capabilities leverage the power of the Cloud to integrate and mesh communication technologies.

That sounds good, but what does it actually mean?


Unified_Communications_101.pngStep 1: Integration

Unified Communications is the integration of two distinct types of communication technologies.

  1. Real Time Communications
  2. Non-Real Time Communications
Real Time Communications

Refers to any technology that allows for the instant passing of information without delay. Examples of real time communication technologies are Voice, Video and IM to name a few.

Non-Real Time Communications

You guessed it, any communication medium that has a delay is non-real time. To simplify it even further, any technology that does not promote two-way conversations or a live collaborative environment. Examples of non-real time communications are email, voicemail and fax.

When these two distinct communication types are seamlessly integrated, Step 1 of developing a productive UC environment is complete.


Unified_Communications_Features.pngStep 2: Simple Anywhere Access

Unified Communication is only as good as its access. It is really about people and people won't use anything that isn't simple. Remember UC should make people more productive - if users are spending valuable time figuring out how to access and use the technology, then UC has created a productivity problem. In the end, we have grown accustomed to simple anywhere access from our personal devices; it's the experience we know and expect. When those same standards are not met in a professionally setting, the technology and the initiative behind the technology will fail.

Therefore, the key to implementing a corporate UC strategy is equal parts integration and access. When proper consideration is paid to both areas of the strategy, Unified Communications will engage employees, increase productivity and strengthen any organization as a whole.


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Votacall-UC-ButtonVotacall's Unified Communications Features Keep You Connected

The goal of Unified Communications is simple anywhere connectivity without sacrifice. Working from home, from a customer location, from a hotel, on a train, in a car or on foot…it shouldn't matter where you are or how you're getting there.

Staying connected should be easy anywhere.



Unified Communications Key Features:

  • Votacall Business-class Hosted VoIP
  • Anywhere One Number Reach
  • Votacall GO! Mobility Suite
    • Votacall GO! Mobile
    • Votacall GO! Tablet
    • Votacall GO! Softphone
  • Full Call Control capabilities – Hold, Transfer, Mute etc.
  • Desktop & File Sharing
  • VM2Text
  • VM to Email
  • Call Notify – who called me?
  • Multi-party Conferencing
  • HD Audio/Video Calling
  • Corporate Directory
  • Contact List
  • Presence
  • Status
  • Instant Messaging
  • CRM Integration
  • UC Call Center


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Votacall-UC-ButtonDemo Votacall's Unified Communications Solution

Votacall makes it easy to innovate and customize a UC strategy for your business. With Votacall’s Cloud-Based UC offer, our customers purchase the licensing necessary to create an efficient communications environment that works for their business.

Our customers only pay for what they need today. As needs change, our customers can add layers to their UC solution offering the ultimate investment protection. And because the solution is hosted in a Carrier Class Data Center and managed by Votacall, there's no capital expense, maintenance contract or software service agreement which makes it an affordable yet robust solution that can alter how your business communicates.

Click the button below to request a free demo and see how easy and cost-effective it is to implement a UC strategy that your business can grow with.



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