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Urban Pathways

Meet Claire.

Claire 2

"The difference with Votacall is that they're constantly following up with me, rather than me chasing them. Now that's customer service!"

Claire Mungiguerra, Executive Assistant to CEO at Urban Pathways

What does Urban Pathways do?

Urban Pathways is a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to providing the help that homeless New Yorkers need to become self-sufficient. Housing, medical wellness programs, and case management services are just a portion of what Urban Pathways offers.

How do they communicate?

Urban Pathways needs to make sure their staff is always available to respond to those in need, as well as their partner organizations. Because there's so much coordination that goes into offering the variety of services they do, consistent and reliable communication become that much more important.

How does Votacall help?

Having responsive support is important for an organization like Urban Pathways. Technology is bound to have minor issues every now and then, but troubleshooting those quickly and effectively prevents them from turning into major setbacks.

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