VoIP Trial Program Terms 

Included in the Trial:
    Votacall's UC User with complete UC Functionality
    • Mobile App
    • Desktop SoftPhone
    • Video
    • Team Instant Messaging
    • Team Presence
    • Votacall chitchat: Speech-Enabled VoIP
    • Temporary DID (Forward your existing DID, if applicable)
    • Up to 10 Users at your organization


    We design a Cloud Phone System specific to your business
    • Auto Attendant
    • Hunt Group
    • Speech Directory
    • Temporary Phone Number (Forward your existing Main Number)


  • What's NOT Included:
    • International Calling will be restricted
    • Call Center Functionality
    • Trial Program Usage 
      Some Trials may include a Minute Bundle.
      If a Trial User exceeds the Trial Minute Bundle or there is No Minute Bundle offered, then Customer is responsible for usage exceeding the Trial Minute Bundle or all Usage during the Trial Program. Standard Rates will apply: Local .019/min & LD .029/min
    • This is a "Soft Solution" only and will not include any hardware, onsite implementation or onsite Technical Services.  All setup and support will be done remotely.
    • Unless stated otherwise, the Trial Program is reserved for Non-Votacall Customers and cannot exceed 10 Users per Organization.  


Terms of Trial Service:  Customer will adhere to the general Terms of Service as laid out in the Master Service Agreement. Votacall reserves the right to cancel the Trial at any time. Eligibility: The Trial Program is for U.S. based non-Votacall Customers only and will be delivered as a "Soft Solution" only - No Hardware - unless otherwise specified. Minute Bundles & Usage: If the Trial Program includes a minute bundle, Customer will be responsible for all usage above and beyond any the included minute bundle. If there is no minute bundle specified, the Trial Program is considered measured and the Customer is responsible for all usage. PAYMENT: Regardless of the Trial Program, Votacall requires a payment method on file in the event there are applicable fees. Customer will supply a payment method prior to Trial Activation; 1. Debit Card 2. Credit Card 3. ACH Banking Information. We will NOT be porting your numbers during the Trial. E911: Votacall will supply a temporary Phone Number for Customer to forward their existing number to. Therefore, the Trial will not be E911 compliant. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to limit or terminate your use of any free versions of any Services by any individual or entity. If you are using the Services on a Trial or Promotional basis (“Trial Period”), your Trial Period and access to the Services will terminate (i) at the end of the Trial Period stated in your Order, or (ii) if no date is specified, 7 days after your initial access to the Services, (iii) or upon your conversion to a subscription. Warranty & Liability: During the Trial Period, to the extent permitted by law, we provide the Services “AS IS” and without warranty or indemnity, and all other terms otherwise apply. We may modify or discontinue any trials or promotions at any time without notice. Votacall will not be liable for any loss of business, security breaches, toll fraud during the Trial Period. Votacall's Liability is governed by the Master Service Agreement.

By Signing the VoIP Trial Service Agreement, Customer acknowledges and accepts the full terms and conditions of the Trial Program and the Master Service Agreement.

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