Votacall Rewards Program Terms 

The Votacall Rewards Program has a few simple rules. There are (2) Tiers of Rewards both of which are based on a Customer referral.
The referral should be warm, doesn't have to be hot but we will need to use the referring parties name when engaging.

Tier 1 Rewards: 

There are 2 ways to earn Tier 1 Rewards.
If a Customer refers a friend or colleague and that referral...
  1. Signs up and attends a web demo of our Cloud Phone System
  2. Signs up and actively participates in a Cloud Phone System Trial

...then the referring party is eligible for Tier 1 Rewards specified on the customer invoice, advertised on our website or promoted via social media.  The reward will be sent either electronically or by mail within 30 days of the completion of the trigger event.

Tier 2 Rewards: 

There is 1 tigger event for Tier 2 Rewards, the conversion of the referral from Prospect to Votacall Customer!

Eligible Customers will have a choice; 1) receive a 30% Discount off their Votacall Monthly Invoice up to $1000.00. The discount will be applied on the invoice immediately following the referral Customer's 90 Day anniversary on the Votacall Cloud Platform or 2) a gift from the Votacall Rewards Program which is subject to change.

Please note that only U.S. Based Companies will be considered eligible for the Rewards Program.  The Votacall Rewards Program does not apply to strategic partners unless otherwise authorized in writing.

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