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(Q) Why did Rathe Associates make the change to Votacall?  

(A) "Our change from Verizon to Votacall was based on 2 main issues...

First we made a really bad decision going with Verizon. You would think they know phones.

Everything was terrible. From outsourcing the installation, training, drop calls for months, took months to port all the phone lines over and the features of the phone system were basic at best.

Second – We were moving to a new CRM system and wanted the phone system to integrate with the CRM. Of course, Verizon could not do. NST who is our IT provider suggested Votacall. They had recommended them over the years and their clients were always satisfied.

Right from the beginning, Votacall made us feel comfortable. We had numerous phone calls during the sales process with their team.

They just made us very comfortable from our first meeting and we knew right away were heading in the right direction. Their first suggestion was to try and see if we liked how the phones worked before making any commitment.

The next day we had working phones to test.

They also took time to integrate the CRM system with their phone system & trained us to be sure we were satisfied before making any decision. They understood this was one of the main reasons we wanted to switch phone providers. Amazing that there was no time limit for this trial, and they didn’t even ask for a deposit. Totally a non-pressure sales approach.

The only criteria was Votacall wanted us to be 100% confident that we were making the right decision.

Once we decided to go with Votacall, we needed this installation to be completed in 2 weeks. We are in the heating business, and we needed to be fully implemented before September 1st. Votacall wanted 4 weeks but they would do their best.

Well they did the installation, ported all of our numbers, and networked our system in 2 weeks and 1 day.

From the installation to training to having a seamless turnover was beyond our expectations.

Everyone at team Votacall thought Rathe Associates was their most important customer. The continuous follow ups even on weekends was nonstop.

When Votacall says customer, service is the only metric, they mean it."

What does Rathe Associates do?

Rathe Associates is a leading manufacturer's representative in the hydronic heating industry. The markets we help serve are NYC, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, as well as Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Orange counties.

Between our many employees, we have built up a strong expertise in heating system design, centrifugal pumping and pumping control, maximizing efficiency through best practices in design (not just equipment selection), best domestic hot water practices, and proper control selection. In addition, we have been one of the areas leading provider of radiant heat and snow melt systems.

Rathe Associates has been serving the area since 1969 with a simple vision: Do it once, do it right, stand by our customers (literally and figuratively), and make design/installation/troubleshooting as easy and pain free as possible. Aside from the services we provide to our customers to help a project move along smoothly, we also serve the local industry through training. Rathe Associates provides free training classes 2-3x per week in our two on-site training facilities. These training rooms can seat anywhere from 20-50 people and 50% of the classes are product-non-specific. In addition, we have a live-fired heating system for troubleshooting and a shop for training in plastic pipe fusion (to replace steel and copper). 


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