Picture-2-ScopiaXT_module2_458x353The Votacall Video Conferencing Experience

Experience exceptional video conferencing in any environment with a complete range of dedicated video conferencing endpoints. Leverage leading, powerful video communications technology to deliver an unparalleled video collaboration experience, from immersive telepresence, to conference room systems, to desktop applications.

Achieve excellent video performance in real-world network conditions—crisp, smooth video quality with resolutions up to 1080p/60fps, stellar bandwidth efficiency, and error resiliency with H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC).

Experience All-in-One Video Conferencing

The Scopia XT Meeting Center is a premium HD video conferencing room system integrating single or dual 55-inch 1080p displays in a specially designed cart for a simple and efficient implementation. The mobility of the cart enables the system to be used as a shared resource and creates a high-quality video meeting space with no installation requirements. The XT Meeting Center is powered by the Avaya Scopia® XT5000 Room System with HD video, content sharing and audio capabilities, and optional embedded multi-party conferencing.


Picture-3-ScopiaXT_module4_458x353High Definition Desktop Display

The Scopia XT Executive’s 24-inch full HD LED display, HD camera, high fidelity speakers, echo cancelling microphone and advanced video conferencing platform provide an elegant all-in-one desktop video conferencing system and PC display.

The system also offers optional embedded multi-party conferencing for group meetings and unique HD 1080p data channel for highly detailed content sharing.


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Votacall makes video conferencing easy with our state of the art VoIP features and functionalit. We're always innovating so you can expect your video conferencing solution to evolve with the latest technology.

At Votacall, we don't just enhance your business communication - we continue to enhance our products and services so your business always has a competitive advantage. 

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