Cloud-Based Auto Attendant with Speech Assistant Functionality 

Often times with new technology comes a level of complexity that can be frustrating for your customer base and employees. Our Business VoIP Phone System is proof that it does not have to be that way. Votacall strives to make communication between your customers and employees more convenient.


The Votacall V-IVR Auto Attendant

Votacall is pleased to announce the next layer of communications convenience: The Votacall V-IVR Auto Attendant. With Votacall V-IVR your customer base receives an interactive experience with your Auto Attendant and organization as a whole. The V-IVR integrated with our Hosted VoIP platform allows Votacall to provide an enhanced level of convenience to your customer base.

With Votacall V-IVR your customers will speak the name of the desired party and be routed accordingly, eliminating dial by name directories. In today’s mobile world, this is a game changing enhancement to the Votacall Hosted VoIP solution, allowing your customer to gain convenient access to your business while they are on the go.

Our speech recognition technology is a Cloud-Based application requiring no upfront expenses or ongoing maintenance/software support contracts. This solution displays Votacall’s commitment to advanced VoIP applications while maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry.

Provide your customers and colleagues an alternative; give them a voice with Votacall V-IVR.


Votacall V-IVR Auto Attendant Functionality

  • Superior accuracy for improved caller satisfaction.
  • Scalable directory size to over 250,000 entries.
  • People Find Linguistic Service improves recognition rates over time.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • EZ setup and automated provisioning through Votacall VoIP Services
  • E Superior Service Level Agreements and guaranteed business grade performance
  • Support for very large, diverse dictionaries
  • Advanced use of ‘teams’ and ‘groups’ to improve employee productivity
  • Sharing of contacts across the enterprise for quicker customer responsiveness
  • Advanced integrations to company databases and applications
  • Speech Unified Communications and Collaboration services

The Votacall V-IVR Auto Attendant solution utilizes Votacall’s advanced People Find technology to fundamentally change the way your business communicates. The proven highly accurate Speech Assistant lets your customers reach your employees or departments quickly and effortlessly of Votacall V-IVR begins with best-in-class ASR technology from Nuance, and utilizing proprietary People Find software delivers a superior caller experience leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher employee productivity.


V-IVR Recognition Accuracy

High recognition accuracy over time is critical to the success of the V-IVR. Votacall achieves this first through the included Master Dictionary which delivers superior performance out of the box by including all other name pronunciations from all previous and existing Votacall V-IVR Customers. Additionally, Day2 Linguistic Services improve recognition over time by identifying and correcting substandard speech interactions. Thirdly, patented Logical Choice software remembers the callers’ preferences to improve recognition and reduce the time to connect. Finally, a customized caller experience is created through the web based Administration interface allowing enterprises to have a consistent and high quality customer interaction.