Hosted Call Center Supervisor Productivity Tools from Votacall

How quickly a Supervisor can analyze a trend and communicate an adjustment to the team is critical within a call center. We recognize that instant visibility into the Call Center and the associated Agents is a must. This “real-time” functionality is not a nice to have, it is a requirement which needs the support from the right supervisor productivity tools.. That is why we certified and released the Votacall Unity Supervisor Desktop Application, a must within productivity solutions.

Our Client resides on your Supervisor’s P.C. providing a constant glimpse of the Hosted Call Center Queues and Agents in Real-Time. We have worked with other desktop productivity solutions in the past and recognize that if the tool itself is confusing, it is not a productive tool. Our Supervisor productivity tool is easy to use, analyze and understand.


Votacall Unity Supervisor Desktop Solutions 

Benefits for your Hosted Call Center includes:

  • Real-Time view of all Queue(s) allowing for efficient time & resource management
  • Real-Time view of all Agents
  • Real-Time Queue Statistics & Analytics
  • Point & Click status – Available, Busy, Busy Wrap Up, Log In & Log Out
  • Call Control via the Desktop Client – Click to Dial, Answer, Hold, Conference and Transfer
  • Secure IM Client for quick collaboration Agents or escalation to a Supervisor
  • Monitor Presence of up to 20 colleagues via the status icons regardless of physical location
  • Call Escalation Functionality
  • Queue Threshold Notifications
  • Change Agent ACD state functionality

The Votacall Unity Supervisor Desktop Client provides a next generation visual experience that Call Center Supervisors need to efficiently manage their Call Center Queues. Real-Time Call Center functionality and analytics are the keys to success. Our view is tomorrow is too late in the Call Center market. Grow, adapt and Change with Votacall’s Call Center functionality.