Votacall Call Center Reporting Solutions

It is our theory that a Call Center is only as productive as the reporting and metrics available. Without detailed call center reporting and metrics, a Call Center simply cannot be managed effectively. That's why we offer real-time and historical reporting capabilities on the Votacall Hosted VoIP platform allowing organizations to determine the effectiveness of the environment.


Votacall's Hosted Call Center Reporting and Metrics

Our Hosted Call Center reporting and metrics package will display agent and queue efficiency, promote SLA’s and internal customer care initiatives and provide the data to assist in the staffing process. Ask yourself, "Is my call center truly productive? Do I have enough staff to handle the call volume? Are we meeting our customers’ expectations?"

Votacall’s call center reporting and call center metrics will help you answer these significant questions.


Real Time Wall Boards

Our call center reporting allows you to have the ability to monitor your queue(s) in real-time which is critical to the health of your call center and customer experience. Quickly grasp the state of your queue(s) from anywhere in the Call Center with the Votacall Unity Wallboard.

As part of your call center reporting, the Votacall Unity Wallboard is a software application that fully integrates with the Votacall Hosted VoIP Contact Center platform. The application connects to a PC or large Flat Screen TV and displays the critical information about the state of the Queues. Our Hosted Call Center clients can select the queue stats that are necessary to effectively manage the environment.

Take the pulse of your Call Center with the Votacall Wall Board Application.



Typical Live Queue Stats:

  • Calls In Queue
  • Longest Wait Time
  • Average Wait Time
  • Missed Calls
  • Received Calls
  • Answered Calls