Call Center Hosted Recording Solutions from Votacall

Your Call Center’s efficiency in handling calls is not the only criteria to determine success or failure. Your Call Center Supervisor must have the tools to monitor the health of the queues and be able to use the data as a platform for both new and ongoing training sessions, Votacall offers hosted call recording systems to help with this.

The Votacall Business VoIP and Hosted Call Recording system will provide a secure, cost effective, redundant and fully managed solution that will enhance your Call Center’s level of service. The Hosted Call Recording system is an easy to use web-based application that can be viewed anywhere and at anytime through a secure login.

However, it is not just a simple call recording application, it offers much more!

Features & Functionality of Call Recording Systems:

  • Fully Hosted & Managed – no hardware required
  • Anywhere Web-Based Interface
  • Record All Calls
  • On-demand Recording
  • Record a Percentage of Calls
  • Annotate specific calls for review
  • Flag a section of a call for review with notes
  • Real-time Service Observing – Monitoring & Training
  • Storage & Retrieval via a Web-Based GUI
  • Robust Historical Search Functionality
  • Validation of Information & Conversation
  • Easy to use & administer

With Votacall Hosted Call Recording, your Call Center gains a major advantage over the competition. Your customers will experience the difference when interacting with your Call Center and your Agents and Supervisors will gain the insight and training necessary to represent your business effectively.

Votacall Hosted Call Recording: another layer in the cloud, another advantage for our customers!