Hosted Call Center Agent Productivity Tools from Votacall

A Hosted Call Center Agent should have one objective; to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to your customer base. However, if they lack the necessary desktop productivity tool to achieve this objective, they will be set up to fail. When your Call Center Agents fail to enhance the customer experience, your once loyal customer base will turn to your competition. Give your Agents the tools to build a loyal customer base with the correct productivity solution, Votacall’s Unity Agent Desktop Client.

Our Client resides on your Agent’s P.C. providing a constant glimpse of your Hosted Call Center in Real-Time. If your Call Center Agent’s only tool in building customer loyalty and satisfaction is a traditional phone, you’re not giving them the tools to be successful. This is a desktop productivity tool, a solution beyond a phone.


Productivity Solutions: Votacall's Unity Agent Desktop Client

Benefits for your call center agents include:

  • Real-Time view of Queue(s) allowing for efficient time & resource management
  • Real-Time Queue Statistics & Analytics
  • Point & Click Agent status – Available, Busy, Busy Wrap Up, Log In & Log Out
  • Call Control via the Desktop Client – Click to Dial, Answer, Hold, Conference and Transfer
  • Secure IM Client for quick collaboration Agents or escalation to a Supervisor
  • Monitor Presence of up to 20 colleagues via the status icons regardless of physical location

Votcall Unity Agent Desktop solution Client provides a next generation visual experience that Call Center Agents need to efficiently manage calls. Votacall is committed to changing how your Agents interact with your customer base and prospects because a Call Center should be graded on the efficiency in which customer satisfaction is delivered. Make the grade with desktop productivity solutions from Votacall’s Hosted Call Center Desktop Clients.