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For years, the need for rich Call Center functionality was restricted to large enterprises. Dramatic changes to the business landscape has caused the technological gap between large and small organizations to shrink, and access to enterprise functionality has made the business playbook for all organizations virtually the same. This couldn't have come at a better time as businesses feel the competitive pressure brought on by a widespread emphasis on the Customer Experience.

Now, all organizations have access to technology that gets the most out of each contact and customer interaction while simultaneously promoting the customer experience.

Votacall Hosted Call Center is a robust Cloud-based solution that delivers a reliable, efficient and feature-rich experience without the initial CAPEX expenditure associated with legacy PBX solutions.



Promoting Efficiency & Enhancing the Customer Experience

Organizations that are successful in promoting these initiatives share 3 characteristics:

  1. They see a positive impact on the corporate bottom-line due to increased efficiency and employee engagement.
  1. They have a more secure future as a result of customer experience initiatives creating stronger customer loyalty leading to increased customer retention rates.
  1. They all utilize Call Center functionality and view the Call Center as an integral part of the organizational strategy and success.

Votacall’s differentiator in the Hosted VoIP market is our ability to design, implement and manage an innovative Call Center solution better than anyone else. 


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The Customer Experience Solution to the Customer Experience Problem

The Customer Experience is more than a flavor of the month buzz term in fact many business leaders believe that the Customer Experience will be a determinant for long term organizational health and success.  From organizations that have established Call Centers to those businesses that traditionally would not have a need for a Call Center solution, the demand for robust and flexible functionality knows no boundaries.  



The Most Flexible, Always On, Always Available Call Center Resource



Hosted VoIP Will Display Possibilities, Not Limit Them

Flexible Communications is a major underlying advantage of Hosted Call Center functionality and Hosted VoIP in general. To remain healthy, organizations must be able to seamlessly adjust to any unplanned event as well as any long term business strategy. To illustrate the significance of adjusting to these everyday situations, let’s make them tangible.

The Unplanned Event
  1. An in the moment event is any unplanned, uncontrollable scenario that could potentially hinder productivity. Consider what a major snow storm, power outage or disaster of any kind would do to business productivity. Whether it be 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week of productivity lost, it is preventable. Hosted VoIP gives an organization the ability to establish contingency plans to address the unplanned event and, in doing so, continue productivity through seamless business continuity. When a major snow storm hits, rather than scrambling in the moment trying to determine what to do, Hosted Call Center solution agents can work from home and perform at the same level of productivity as in the office. It is seamless to the outside world, therefore your customers receive the same customer service and experience that they expect on a daily basis regardless of the in the moment event.
The Long Term Business Strategy
  1. The ability to execute a change in business strategy is the business world's version of evolution. If a business can't adapt to the market, the competition or the needs of the customer, that business is at risk of extinction. A distributed Call Center is a great example of business evolution. The idea behind the distributed call center is brilliant - have all call center representatives work remote and, in doing so, expand the talent pool beyond your office address, handle time zone changes with greater efficiency and lower overhead in the process.

Hosted VoIP and Hosted Call Center functionality affords a level of business flexibility far exceeding any other communications technology by seamlessly addressing both the planned and unplanned scenario.

In short, Hosted VoIP will display the possibilities, not limit them.



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Design Your Call Center in the Clouds with the Experts

Votacall takes great pride in being a Solution Provider and not a Service Provider - there is a huge difference! We design, deliver and support impact solutions, not just provide a simple, almost anonymous service that goes unnoticed. This is a major Votacall Advantage and why we consider ourselves Cloud Call Center Experts.

Votacall’s Call Center suite delivers a comprehensive Cloud solution with the advanced functionality to position call centers of all shapes and sizes for success. 



Hosted Call Center Key Features:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Queuing
  • Skill-based Routing
  • Voice Activated Menu
  • Messaging & Queue Announcements
  • Alarming
  • Agent Productivity Tools
  • Business Continuity
  • Anywhere Call Center
  • UC Integration
  • Supervisor Tools: Monitoring & Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • CRM Integration
  • …And much more

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Votacall is the leading provider of Hosted Call Center solutions, design and implementation. We have always considered ourselves innovators in the VoIP PBX market including Hosted Call Center solutions because we have a desire to constantly enhance our service and solutions.

At Votacall, we believe that if your Hosted VoIP PBX Call Center solution is not providing your business with a competitive advantage, then we aren't doing our job.

Therefore, our product team constantly evaluates and enhances our VoIP Call Center solutions to meet the changing needs of our customer base.

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