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How a call to Votacall Support led Point Insurance back to the start.


About Point Insurance

Point Insurance is a forward-thinking, local and independent insurance agency serving their community with expertise in many different lines of insurance.

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Votacall and Point Insurance have a history that spans nearly 8 years.  In that time both companies have seen growth and changes in both company name and product offering.  Point relies on Votacall for all its voice communication needs.  From the management and support of  their five, cloud connected, offices to their conference and fax needs.  Point uses Votacall's extensive knowledge and support team to act as their telecom arm. 

The Solution

  • Connectivity for 5 offices across Massachusetts
  • Call Accounting and analytics for metrics based decision making
  • 24/7/365 support for all programming and changes from password resets to custom greetings and recordings
  • Call Center functionality for agents and supervisors with advanced routing for off hours and extended coverage for clients
  • Votacall GO! mobility suite for remote work 

The Story- A solution has no finish line

This customer love story begins a bit differently than most on our page though the story is not unique in its plot.

It begins with a ticket opened by Point Insurance to inquire about how to track down a call a customer said they had made and they didn't get through.  - Point had recently moved individuals to Votacall GO! mobile to provide weekend coverage during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they were not sure where the problem was originating. 

Their ticket ended up in the hands of Aramis, one of Votacall's best and brightest, and he began to look at the call flow set up and reporting to track down the call and see what had happened.  

During this process he began to sense that the customer might be better served using call center functionality over the standard hunt group that was currently set up for the weekend calls, and that this set-up was cause of the customers complaint.  He could make some adjustments but he thought their was a better way. 

Aramis spoke with the client and reached out to our sales engineering to get the customer on a call to walk them through the enhancements and functionality of call centers and answer any questions.

From there,  the decision was made to move to call centers- here is where the customer love comes in.

Votacall assigned a project manager from the solutions group, as they do when the customer is initially on-boarded as a new client.  The project manager worked hand in hand with point designing and rebuilding a new solution to meet the new needs of a mobile work force and expanded call coverage. 

Together they tested the solution and coordinated some additional training and a go-live date was set.  

Aramis then followed up with the client and closed the support ticket and asked if we could tell the story. 


"I've always been happy with Votacall's products and support but what impresses me most is that, even though I've been a customer going on 8 years now, they still treat me like a Prospect.

It's a rare experience! "

Fernanda Nogueira

Point Insurance

The moral of the story-
The Customer Journey Never Ends


The Result

By choosing Votacall nearly 8 years ago, Point Insurance found a partner who continues to grow with them.  They need more than dial tone- they need ongoing support, design, and training as their business needs change.  They found that in Votacall.

Distributed geographically Diverse Work Force
Project Management & Training for the life of the relationship.
ONgoing access for consultation and support

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