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How Votacall Helped Orchid Insurance Before They Were a Customer


About Orchid Insurance

Orchid Insurance is the First Choice for catastrophe exposed property insurance for over 25,000 agents from coast to coast. For more than two decades, their products, process and people have consistently delivered outstanding coverage solutions in the insurance industry.

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The Problem

In order to provide continuity of business to their agent partners in case of a catastrophic storm, in 2015 Orchid Insurance had made the decision to relocate their communications technology from a physical location in their Florida headquarters to the cloud. While vetting vendors, their worse fears came true in September 2015, as Category 5 Hurricane Irma posed imminent danger to their infrastructure.

The Goal

Short Term- 

  • Guarantee the safety of their Florida staff and their families, while giving them the opportunity to provide continuum of services to the agent partners and their insureds
  • Partner with Votacall to set up efficient call routing for over 60 employees in a very short period of time.

Long Term-

  • Connect all four existing offices and be prepared for growth
  • Implement long term Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan
  • Provide call center functionality for agents and supervisors with reporting 
  • On site implementation and training

The Story

What took place next is best explained by Nicole H, who managed the project for Orchid Insurance.

"At Orchid Insurance, our agent partners depend on our teams being accessible when they need us the most, like a Hurricane event. In order for us to achieve that goal, we need make sure all of our four office locations are connected and in the cloud.

While we were doing our due diligence vetting providers, Hurricane Irma was bearing down on our offices and landfall became imminent.  Dan and the Votacall team had spoken about how they were different than most VOIP providers because they take a very consultative approach to the sales cycle, so we reached out see how they might be able to help.

With Irma just days away, they allowed us to trial the Votacall system while we evacuated on entire headquarters staff and IT infrastructure. We were able to ensure we could service our customers while sheltering in place. 

They essentially on boarded us in real time, and we never skipped a beat. 

We’ve weathered many hurricanes since 2017 and Votacall and their support team has always been there to keep our call centers active and our client’s needs met.”



We’ve weathered many hurricanes since 2017 and Votacall and their support team has always been there to keep our call centers active and our client’s needs met.”

Nicole Haagenson

AVP, IT PMO and Infrastructure Support

Long Term-

Once Hurricane Irma passed and our operations returned to normal, Orchid made the decision that Votacall would make a good partner based on their ability to meet expectations and pivot quickly.  

The shared core values of both organizations align to deliver the best customer experience possible for clients and employees. 

The Votacall Project Management team is set about continuously collecting the needed data to help design a bullet proof solution that meets the needs of our multiple locations and business units within the organization.

Votacall did on site installations and training for both standard and call center users at all of our four locations and for remote employees. Today, they continue to offer guidance and support for users through their 24/7/365 support center.



The Result

By choosing the Votacall platform, Orchid Insurance was able to align our multiple departments, physical locations and remote employees through a vast geography; thus meeting their Disaster Recovery and Continuity initiative.  They have also increased the use of agents and call centers to enhance customers experience when calling in and increase visibility through reporting.  

In addition Orchid has weathered many hurricanes as well as the Covid Pandemic with ease as they can easily relocate the team to work remotely.

Distributed geographically Diverse Work Force
Four Offices + Remote workers In the cloud
ONgoing access for consultation and support

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