National EAP

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When Covid-19 hit the business world, I had to figure out fast how to have our team operate remotely.  No errors could be made as we are a 24/7/365 behavioral health operation.  Our IT company recommended Votacall and they were available to meet within the hour.  In less than 24 hours, our company was fully operational outside of our brick and mortar office, with an enhanced phone system that allowed us to mirror the extensions we each had, with increased capabilities.  It was seamless.  We worked with a dedicated 2 person team at Votacall who answered our questions fast and troubleshooted all items immediately as we transitioned systems.  Considering the pressure we were under, I appreciated the personalized service and confident approach they took to provide solutions for all of our needs.  Now that we have made the switch to the VOIP system, we will not be going back and the next project we work on together will be replacing our phone system inside the office.  This new system will allow our smooth slow transition back into the office also as we figure out how to do that safely in these Covid-19 days.  Thank you Dan and Will for all your help and being there for National EAP in a crisis.


What does National EAP do?

National EAP was founded more than 35 years ago and our mission stands as strong as ever today: to provide programs and services designed to help employees rise above personal and professional challenges, fulfill their potential, adopt healthier lifestyles and foster personal growth. When you partner with National EAP, you gain immediate access to over 50 customized programs implemented by clinical behavioral specialists and corporate coaches, all highly trained in assessing management and employee issues requiring remediation as well as leadership development programs that will take your team to the next level.

How do they communicate?

National  was in need of a reliable phone system that would allow them to receive call outside of their office due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Because they work in a heavily regulated field National EAP has to be available at all times to their clients.  

How does Votacall help?

Votacall provides a cloud environment with both mobile and desktop communication clients that allow National EAP to work out side their office during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Votacall assigning a dedicated project manager that made the tough transition to working remotely both possible and seamless.  They were able to stand up their solution in under 24 hours from the first phone call and provide training and support to the team under enormous pressure created by strict NY state lock-down. Thus allowing clients a way to get through and employees to remain safe. Moving forward Votacall will be working closely with their IT company to ensure a smooth transition back tot the office, by supplying phones and providing onsite installation and training. 

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