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How Kings Used Votacall To Connect Sites and Help Scale


About Kings

Kings Dining & Entertainment is a go-to spot for anyone who's looking for a fun night out. Since opening as Kings Bowl in Boston's Back Bay in 2002, the business has expanded to offer quality food, creative cocktails, and social gaming. Kings now has over 10 locations nationwide, and is continuing to open new locations to bring its unique entertainment experience across the country.

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The Problem

With their business expanding, Kings needed a phone system that could accommodate their growth and connect employees working at remote locations. The ability to scale was key - management didn't want to take on a major communications infrastructure project each time they opened a new site.

Kings had also experienced technical failures with their previous phone system, which prompted them to look for a provider that could also ensure reliability. In short, they were looking for a way to fix existing problems while positioning themselves for further growth.


The Goal

Provide a dynamic phone solution for Kings that would:

  • Enable the inter-office communication that was lacking with their current setup
  • Provide an easier and more seamless connection experience for customers nationwide
  • Eliminate the reliability issues that had hampered the business in the past
  • Implement our VoIP solution with minimal disruption to Kings' day-to-day business

The Story

Setting up to scale 📈

Kings' VP of Operations Technology, Erin Callahan, started by looking for two things. The first was a solution that was highly reliable and could scale with the company as it opened new locations across the country. This meant not having to take on a major phone system project every time the company set up a new site - Kings needed the ability to get each new site's system running and connected to other locations with minimal hassle and spend.

Along those lines, the second major priority was a hands-on approach to implementation. Kings didn't want to have staff designated to managing their communications infrastructure, but they did need a provider that would take the time understand how they planned to grow so they could design a solution that would do so with them.

Erin had her work cut out for her. Kings operates in a crowded market, so their brand (and success) relies heavily on creating seamless customer experiences. Having a solid understanding of requirements is one thing - finding a company that can meet them is another.

“There's so much flexibility to what we can do now compared to our previous system.”

Erin Callahan
VP of Operations Technology

Erin CL

Making the right call 📞

After vetting providers, Erin decided that Votacall was the one that offered the best combination of functionality and service management.

By moving their phone system to the cloud, Kings improved reliability and gave themselves a built-in continuity plan. In the past, technical issues at a site often impacted communications and made it difficult for customers to reach it. With Votacall's VoIP solution, Kings was not only able to eliminate the traditional risks that come with on-site infrastructure, but also plan for unforeseen circumstances.

Votacall has helped from a guest perspective in the ability to transfer guests between venues. Also, if the internet goes down, we can reroute calls to another location unnoticed by the guest.  

Erin Callahan, Kings' VP of Operations Technology

Focusing on customer experience, not infrastructure

For a nationwide company to create a consistent experience across its' locations, employees at different sites need to be able to have productive, hassle-free conversations. The channels they use to communicate can't be bogged down by technical issues - they just need to work.

Moving to a fully-managed communications platform has been helpful to Kings in that regard. By implementing Votacall, Kings has been able to focus on the guest experience when expanding, rather than managing the technology that facilitates it. Rather than just investing in new technology, Erin ensured that Kings would always be reachable by finding a company that backed its solution with proactive monitoring and outreach.

In Erin words, "Votacall has always gone above and beyond to reach out if a location service has been interrupted – sometimes before the location has realized this. When we’ve had unforeseen disastrous issues with a location (unrelated to Votacall) there has never been an excuse that it’s not their problem. They’ve worked to help us get a solution or sent help out in an extremely fast manner."

The Result

As a result of implementing Votacall, Kings was able to ensure phone system reliability while connecting locations and remote employees. 

Because they have the right cloud-based infrastructure in place, they'll also be able to seamlessly add and connect new locations as they continue to grow their presence across the country. 

Seamless Growth
Managed Service

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