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How Fulcrum Research Group Uses Votacall To Stay Connected and Scale with Ease

About Fulcrum

Fulcrum Research Group is a market research firm that was founded in 2010. All three of its' founders had previously worked for smaller firms that were absorbed by multinational corporations, and didn't like the changes that ensued. They created Fulcrum to provide a more flexible, client-first approach to market research. 

fulcrum research

The Situation

To be a truly client-centric firm, Fulcrum needed a way to make sure they were as accessible as possible. Some members of the staff needed the ability to stay connected while traveling, and others wanted to be able to work remotely without compromising communication. 

As a company that was just starting out, Fulcrum also needed a phone system that could easily grow when they did. That meant the ability to add users & extensions with minimal hassle was a must. 


The Goal

Fulcrum's partners knew that they needed to adopt a cloud-based phone system to get the functionality they were looking for. Because they were a new firm, they also couldn't spend significant time implementing and managing that system. 

  • Adopt a phone system that made it easy to communicate on-the-go
  • Keep employees connected and engaged when they worked remotely
  • Implement a system that would expand with minimal hassle & spend
  • Find a provider that could implement their solution without tying up staff resources

The Story

Getting started 

Kelly Marino, a Managing Partner at Fulcrum, was in charge of the firm's search for a phone system provider. She and her partners knew that they wanted to go with a cloud-based option, because that would provide them with the flexibility they needed to be as responsive as possible.

A VoIP system would also allow the company to scale their phone system easily. Unlike traditional premises-based communications, cloud systems offer a "pay as you grow" model, which allows companies to only pay for the users they need. Going to a cloud-based model would allow Fulcrum to easily add users as they hired, which made the initial technology decision a no-brainer. 

The more challenging part of the decision would be finding a provider that could set up and fully manage their phone solution. One of Kelly's main priorities was making sure that Fulcrum didn't have to deal with any unexpected or time-consuming issues during installation.


"The team at Votacall worked with us every step to get us set up."
Kelly Marino, Managing Partner at Fulcrum Research Group

Phoning a friend 👍

After looking at a number of providers, Kelly decided to go with Votacall to get Fulcrum's phone system up and running. There were a bunch of factors that contributed to this decision, but the thing that set Votacall apart was the hands-on approach to implementation. 

As a new firm that was entering a crowded space, Fulcrum didn't have the time or staff to devote to installing a new phone system. They also didn't want to take on an internal project each time the business expanded - they just wanted employees to have the ability to communicate easily from day one. 

By moving to a cloud-based system, Fulcrum was able to connect their headquarters to their remote employees who work from other states. They also benefit from voicemail-to-email, which allows employees to access their messages using email, or just read a quick transcription if they can't listen to them right away. 

These advantages allow Fulcrum to provide the type of high-touch service that separates their business from competitors. If they do hit a snag, they're able to resolve the issue quickly enough that it doesn't disrupt their day-to-day. In Kelly's words:

"Votacall handles all our issues quickly and easily. Customer service is top notch; I never have to spend time worrying about our phone system."

The Result

By choosing Votacall, Kelly gave Fulcrum's employees the ability to stay connected to clients at all times, which is right in line with the firm's approach. Fulcrum was also able to implement the technology without interrupting their day-to-day, and benefit from having a team behind the solution to help troubleshoot problems or add functionality.

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