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National Development Leapfrogs Hardware Headaches With Cloud Communications


About National Development

National Development is one of New England's largest development companies, with major projects in the residential, retail, senior housing, and industrial sectors.

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The Problem

National Development was using standalone phone systems in its' different offices and remote sites. Many of those systems were premise-based - so not only were the offices not connected, they also didn't have a fail-over plan if the power went out or the phones at any site went down. 

The Goal

  • Connect National Development's offices under one phone system
  • Establish a disaster recovery and fail-over plan for business communication
  • Make it easy for remote workers to communicate with their teams
  • Install a new phone system without disrupting National Development's business

The Story

Mark Webb is the VP of Information Technology at National Development. It was his job to figure out how to connect the company's 250 users that were spread out across its many offices.

Luckily, he had a head start when it came to vetting providers. His team already relied on Votacall to provide support for the company's existing standalone phone systems, so he knew that he could count on effective and responsive help.

By moving to Votacall's hosted VoIP solution, National Development gave their staff the ability to call coworkers at other locations just by dialing their extensions. They also recently implemented chitchat, which takes this a step further by allowing employees to connect just by saying each others' names.

“Installation went very smoothly. We could have done the cutover without any interaction from our own IT people if we'd chosen to do so."

Mark Webb
VP of Information Technology, National Development

Mark Webb 2

To make sure that the Votacall solution was reliable and would provide the functionality National Development needed, Mark started by just replacing the outdated PBX hardware in the company's property management office to "test drive" the new phone system.

He was so comfortable with the way it worked that he quickly moved the company's headquarters and satellite offices over to the platform - now employees can all dial one another just by extension regardless of which office they're based in.

Moving to a cloud-based phone system also helped the company when they decided to remodel headquarters, which required employees to move to new locations either within or outside the building. Their old phone system would have made this a challenge, but with Votacall, it was as simple as logging into a phone at their new desk.


The Result

Today, National Development supports 250+ across 17 locations using the Votacall platform. By moving to the cloud, they've made themselves more available during unexpected disruptions, created connectivity between offices, and built in more flexibility for their employees.