Cloud Faxing Solutions

In 2019, it's completely reasonable for your company not to have a fax machine - but maybe organizations that you work with do. vFax cloud faxing solutions allow you to send and receive faxes using your email to make life a little easier for everyone.


Send and receive faxes as attachments using your company email.

Check History

Review faxes that have been sent and received to find key information or resolve disputes.

Categorize Faxes

Our cloud faxing solutions allow you to sort faxes by correspondent or category so you can keep everything organized.

Access Across Devices

Because faxes are email attachments and the management portal is web-based, you can use vFax features on any device.

Keep Existing Numbers

If you're still using a fax machine, our cloud faxing solutions allow you to keep your existing numbers to avoid any confusion.

Add Local/Toll-Free Numbers

Add DIDs if you're looking to establish a local presence, or provide toll-free options.

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