Cloud Auto Attendant

The people calling your business shouldn't be left in the dark when you're out to lunch, gone for the day, or at a company outing. Our cloud auto attendant makes sure they're greeted by a friendly voice, and also makes life easier on receptionists.

Let Us Handle Setup

Programming button prompts, managing greetings, and setting up company directories shouldn't be your job - let us handle that for you. 

Add Employees With Ease

At a maximum of 250,000 entries, our directories have enough built-in capacity to ensure you never run out of room, no matter how fast you're growing. 

Speech-Enabled Attendant

Our cloud auto attendant comes equipped with Chitchat, which allows you to place calls to individuals & departments just by using your voice.

Create Custom Groups

Set up "teams" based on department, job function, or project to make it easier for your employees to connect with one another.

Smart Voice IVR System

Our voice-enabled IVR learns name pronunciations over time, which improves your ability to communicate long-term.  

Integrate & Deliver

Our cloud auto attendant integrates with existing databases and business apps. 

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