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Speech Enabled Business VoIP

Speech Recognition Technology has become a fixture in our personal lives; it is in our homes, in our cars and of course on our mobile devices.  It has made our lives easier by simplifying the accessibility and use of the technology itself. 

The positive impact of Speech-enabled products on our personal lives is indisputable and yet it remains absent from our work lives.

Votacall recognized this technological gap and developed chitchat, an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Speech Suite to simplify business communications.

Fully integrated with the Votacall Office Access Hosted VoIP PBX, chitchat promises to elevate the business communications experience for both your colleagues and clients alike.

  • Votacall Speech Assistant (Sandy)
  • Speech Directory
  • Speech Assisted Transfer
  • Speech-enabled Auto Attendant (IVR)
  • Speech-enabled Forwarding
  • Speech-enabled Anywhere
  • Speech-enabled Broadcast (Team Messaging via Email)
  • Google Business Contacts Speech Integration
  • Superior Accuracy via patented technology          (Logical Choice)

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Why Choose Votacall chitchat?

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We Want to Make Speech Technology a Standard Business Feature

Traditionally, business-class Speech Recognition services are expensive “bolt-on” products that lack the intuitive user experience and the seamless functionality required for widespread business adoption.

chitchat is different.

Votacall Labs considered the user and customer experience as the only priority when developing chitchat and because it is a cloud-based SaaS suite, chitchat is flexible and affordable.


hosted VoIP-chitchat Speech Assistant

chitchat comes with Sandy - your chitchat Speech Assistant - ready willing and able to facilitate employee and customer speech requests. Access the company Speech Directory for quick connections or say a chitchat speech command to turn on or off functionality with ease.

In the office or on the road, you are always one-touch away from Sandy your Speech Assistant. Just let Sandy know who you are trying to reach or what feature you are trying to access and she will handle the rest. Elevate the employee Communications experience, enhance the customer experience with chitchat from Votacall LABS.

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Speech Enabled Office

The chitchat Cloud Speech Suite is what’s missing from your Employee and Customer Engagement Strategies.

Fast & Easy Connections

chitchat allows a user to quickly connect or collaborate with customer or colleagues.

From the single site company to the distributed workforce, chitchat makes any organization and it’s people accessible. No more updating that company extension list, managing speed dials or dealing with that cumbersome Dial by Name Directory.

Speak up and take control of your communications experience with chitchat from Votacall LABS.


Speech Enabled Unified Communications

The chitchat Cloud Speech Suite is not limited to the office, use it anywhere and see how simple UC can be.

We Make UC Usable

Hitting the road but need to stay in touch? No problem, just tell your Speech Assistant to forward calls to your mobile phone. It’s that simple.

Have an important update for your team? Just dictate a message to the Speech Assistant and specify the co-worker or team that should receive it via email.

Reach out to contacts from anywhere and at anytime just by speaking a name to your Speech Assistant. Make UC usable with chitchat from Votacall Labs.

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I have been using Votacall service for over 5 years now. The incredibly knowledgeable staff and service has exceeded my expectations on all levels. I can take my office with me anywhere at anytime, I am connected to my operation and clients at all times, it’s great.
Steve D. | Managing Partner - Law Firm
Cloud 9 Living has worked with Votacall since 2005 and we've been in good hands the entire time. Our move to a Cloud Phone System was an exceptionally smooth process from start to finish.  The Votacall Hosted PBX is not only powerful but cost effective as well, in fact the system paid for itself within 8 months. I'm amazed of where things were and where they are now with regards to reporting, user management & support. This new system has so much more to offer, it's incredible. Using this system has also provided more insight into my call center with a fraction of the time needed to do so. I must admit, the new system is actually enjoyable. Thank you!
Daniel Begg | Vice President of Customer Experience - Cloud 9 Living

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