10_Reasons_Private_Schools_Are_Switching_eBook_Cover.jpgSee Why Hosted VoIP is Perfect for Private Schools

Traditional phone systems can be unreliable; they give IT Directors little control or flexibility over the system while costing the school ongoing fees. And the last thing you should have to spend vital funding on is outdated and ineffective technology. As the dynamics of your private school change and technology advances, traditional landline systems simply can't adapt. Fortunately, a Hosted VoIP system from Votacall can help improve the way your school operates from top to bottom.

If you’re at all hesitant about upgrading your school’s technology, don’t be. Everyone at your school can benefit from a Hosted VoIP system. Indeed, private schools across the nation are making the switch to Hosted VoIP Phone Systems because VoIP offers:

Dramatic Cost Savings –– so that you can spend where it really matters –– in the classroom! Upgrade your phone technology without putting your budget under heavy strain. Instead, you can actually save money by switching to VoIP!

Seamless Campus-Wide Connectivity –– your staff will be able to collaborate better than ever before. Never be left short-handed again, never miss an important call, and never have to worry about getting in touch with your staff again.

Continuity & Disaster Recovery –– when power lines go down and severe weather strikes, you need your phone system more than ever. Only a Hosted VoIP system can guarantee you’ll still have the phone access you need during an emergency.

Total Mobility –– Need to check important files on the go? Working from out-of-town for a weekend? With a Hosted VoIP system, you can stay connected with your staff from anywhere.

Unmatched Reliability & Call Quality –– Never have to sweat missing a call from a parent or fellow teacher again. Stay connected with everyone involved with your school, and enjoy unmatched call quality in the process.

Highly Responsive Technical Support –– Day or night, rain or shine, our technical support staff will handle any issue that arises –– without any added cost to you!

. . . Plus many more benefits!

With thousands of private schools making the switch from a traditional landline to a cutting edge hosted VoIP phone system, NOW is the time for your private school to make the switch! Stop dealing with pesky fees and shoddy coverage from traditional landline models. Instead, save money and boost productivity with VoIP.

Note also that integrating VoIP with your school will be a breeze. Even though you’ll get access to top-of-the-line tech solutions, you won’t have to struggle through a lengthy installation period. Instead, you can hit the ground running (even in the middle of a semester!) with a smooth transition to your Hosted VoIP system. Teachers, staff, and parents love VoIP for private schools. Discover why, here.

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