Discover 9 Business Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with Your Hosted VoIP Phone System

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, constantly delivering positive customer experience is no longer a best practice –– but rather an essential requirement. Indeed, every business regardless of industry needs to maintain healthy relations with their customer base to develop any kind of stability. With that in mind it’s no surprise that businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to gain a competitive edge thanks to true native integration of Salesforce’s class-leading CRM with their hosted VoIP phone system.

To put it bluntly: if your business is customer-centric, then Salesforce and VoIP can work for you.

Now, you can quickly learn more about this profitable strategy by downloading our FREE eBook! Discover how a Salesforce + Hosted VoIP phone system integration delivers:

  • Record Matching that Streamlines and Personalizes Customer Experience –– so that you stay in touch with your customers needs and habits like never before.

  • Real-Time Visibility that Improves Efficiency and Performance –– by bringing your Salesforce CRM and your Hosted VoIP together, you’re providing your team with the best tools possible to complete any project.

  • Closed Loop Analytics that Increases Marketing Campaign Results –– stop speculating about your marketing results. With a Hosted VoIP and Salesforce partnership, you can eliminate the guesswork and get down to brass tax again.

  • Performance Management Tools that Monitor and Optimize KPIs and Metrics –– the best businesses are forward thinking. Stay proactive thanks to these optimizing techniques.

  • Built-In Flexibility, Versatility and Employee Ease-of-Use –– no matter where your employees are or what they’re working on, you can stay connected to your work remotely with a Hosted VoIP and Salesforce partnership. Treat any room just like it’s your office!

  • Directory Search that Drives Enhanced Employee Experience –– no more navigating through a maze of confusing and unintuitive web pages. Find exactly what you need –– when you need it.

  • Picklist Access Tools for Analyzing Performance, Resources, and Success –– know your business back and forth. From top to bottom, a Salesforce and Hosted VoIP partnership will grant you the clearest picture possible of how your company is operating.

  • True Mobility that Enables Employees to Continue the Work Journey Between Devices –– whether you’re on your smartphone, laptop, or in front of your monitor at your desk –– you’re never more than a click away from getting back to work.

  • All of the Above in Powerful, Lightweight App Available in the Salesforce App Store –– the ultimate convenience, service, and quality all in a free, easy-to-use app? Yes, it really is that good!

Written by industry insiders, this eBook contains facts and insights to help you clearly see why customer-centric businesses like yours have already integrated Salesforce with their Hosted VoIP phone system. Plus, you’ll see how they’re reaping measurable benefits and massive ROI. Don’t just take our word for why you should integrate Salesforce with VoIP. Read the success stories for yourself here!

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