Discover the Top Reasons Why Businesses are Integrating VoIP and Salesforce

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Across the country, a growing number of businesses are making the switch from a costly and restrictive landline phone system to a versatile, flexible, scalable, and dramatically more cost-effective hosted VoIP system. And the advantages don’t stop there.

Many businesses are also integrating VoIP and Salesforce to generate even more rewards and ROI. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Improved Customer Service

In today’s business landscape, customers expect a more personalized and responsive experience; this applies to when they buy goods and services, and when they need answers and support after a purchase. Integrating VoIP and Salesforce equips reps and agents with a wealth of customer data the instant a call is received in the system –– even before you answer. Instead of having to search for information and risk frustrating customers, reps and agents have what they need to drive a truly personalized and responsive engagement.

2. Real-Time Data Capturing

Obliging agents and reps to switch between various systems is not just tedious and time consuming –– it often leads to poor data entry and categorization. However, by integrating VoIP and Salesforce, these risks no longer exist. Key calling data such as when the call was placed, what device was used, (e.g. smartphone, office phone, etc.) how long the call lasted, and who was involved in the call is automatically populated in Salesforce, and becomes part of each individual customer’s profile.

3. Closed Loop Analytics

One of the most important benefits of integrating VoIP and Salesforce is that it enables businesses to take advantage of closed-loop analytics. For example: rather than relying on an estimate, businesses can accurately determine whether distributing content that addresses a common customer problem is having a positive impact on the number and nature of support calls. You’ll never have to wonder again. Instead, you’ll have the answers you need.

4. Performance Management

Performance management is vital for establishing and ensuring quality performance, as well as proactively identifying coaching opportunities and training needs. VoIP and Salesforce integration supports this critical goal by empowering managers with a variety of performance-related KPIs and metrics.

5. Rapid Adoption

Sometimes, technology integrations may sound excellent in theory, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired –– primarily because users find the experience confusing and the learning curve steep.

However, Votacall’s VoIP and Salesforce integration is seamless and user-friendly. This is because the integration is not based on a connector, but instead on a lightweight browser-based app that lives in Salesforce.


Salesforce and VoIP Integration: 10 App Features that Drive Success

A growing number of businesses are getting more value out of their business VoIP phone system by integrating it with their Salesforce installation — and vice versa. Key rewards of this integration include: personalizing and enhancing customer service delivery, capturing call recording and real-time calling data, driving versatility and agent ease-of-use, exploiting closed loop analytics, and improving performance management.

However, in order to take full advantage of these benefits and advantages, businesses need to ensure that the app that links their Salesforce installation and business VoIP phone system offers all ten of the following built-in features:

  1. The app must be free, and designed to deliver a simple and intuitive end user experience.
  2. The app must be powerful, lightweight, embedded in a browser (not based on a connector), support automatic single sign-on when Salesforce is launched, and reside fully in Salesforce.
  3. The app must install quickly and easily with zero disruption or downtime to existing operations, including either Salesforce or the VoIP phone system.
  4. The app must support dynamic call control buttons to minimize or eliminate screen clutter and crowding.
  5. The app must support automatic-task creation when calls are missed, so that end users can spend more time on productive tasks instead of clerical ones.
  6. The app must support both Salesforce Service and Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  7. Users must be able to choose between console and non-console usage, based on their needs and preferences.
  8. Users must have full call control in Salesforce to make and receive calls, access call dashboards and dial pads, use one-touch “click-to-dial” calling, and view the voicemail indicator.
  9. Users must have conference calling and control with visibility inside the Salesforce call record (i.e. they don’t have to minimize or exit Salesforce).
  10. Users must be able to set and toggle status updates on-the-fly, such as available, logged out, logged in, on the phone, wrapping up, do-not-disturb, and so on.

With the Votacall VoIP-Salesforce App, you’ll receive all these features –– and more!


How to Best Link Your Business VoIP System with Salesforce


There are essentially two ways that you can leverage the benefits of both your business VoIP system and Salesforce, in order to access a range of customer-focused and performance-improvement benefits.

The first way is to develop your own adapter using Salesforce’s Computer Technology Integration (CTI) Toolkit. This is complex and time-consuming, and if you don’t have in-house expertise and resources, it’s not recommended. Instead of leveraging synergies, you (or a member of your team) will be fighting an uphill battle.

The second way — and the one that is unquestionably simpler, faster and more cost-effective — is to choose a VoIP Solutions Provider like Votacall that has already created a full-featured VoIP-Salesforce app, and that you can literally start benefiting from within minutes of installation. Here are some things you can look forward to with the app:

  • Personalize & Enhance Customer Service Delivery: For each incoming call, your reps and agents can instantly get a pop-up screen in their Salesforce browser that highlights key customer record data.  
  • Capture Recordings & Real-Time Calling Data: Your reps and agents can capture real-time calling data. What’s more, all of this data is automatically recorded in Salesforce, even if users are not logged into the CRM when the call is received.
  • Exploit Closed Loop Analytics: Your marketing and techpubs teams will finally get the data they need to justify investments and make the case for bigger budgets and more resources. That’s because instead of relying on fuzzy qualitative assessments, they can clearly, accurately, and objectively access data-based performance insights.
  • Improve Performance Management: Your leadership team can monitor a full range of call tracking KPIs and metrics, and generate reports that highlight received calls, placed/missed calls, and unreturned missed calls. In addition, they can view other business intelligence that supports training, compliance and resource optimization objectives.
  • Enhance Versatility and Agent Ease-of-Use: Because the Votacall-Salesforce app resides completely in Salesforce, your agents, reps, and other users will access a wide range of integrated features and options.


How Salesforce VoIP Integration Delivers More ROI to Your Business

When it comes to purchasing the right business solutions, decision-makers need to focus on a variety of issues and factors. However, the most important by far is summed up by a three-letter acronym that makes all the difference between an investment that is rewarding instead of one that is regrettable: ROI. That is where Salesforce VoIP integration enters the picture and makes a substantial improvement to the bottom-line.  

Below, we highlight 3 key ways how Salesforce VoIP integration delivers more ROI:

1. Using Closed Loop Analytics to Optimize Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

One of the biggest challenges with marketing and advertising campaign, is that tracking results and determining ROI is notoriously difficult; and in some cases, it’s simply impossible. This doesn’t mean that such spends are a total waste of money. But often,  there is very little – if any – reliable quantitative data to support whether the investment was smart and strategic, and should be repeated in the future.

With a Salesforce-VoIP integration, businesses can clearly and accurately measure the ROI of marketing and advertising campaigns by leveraging closed-loop analytics. For example, unique phone numbers can be assigned to various campaigns to measure response and conversions. At the same time, businesses can utilize A/B testing to track performance at a granular level.

2. Identify Which Employees are Performing Well – and Which Need Coaching or Training

Often, the biggest line item in a business budget is not technology: rather, it’s staff. However, it can be challenging to track performance as it occurs and avoid identifying problems or issues only after they emerge and start to cause financial damage.

With a Salesforce-VoIP integration, businesses can create a set of customized metrics and KPIs to track, measure, and analyze employee performance (e.g. time per call, number of customers served per shift, etc.). This is not just valuable for assessing individuals, but is also valuable for establishing sound, business-wide practices.

3. Smarter and Faster Decision Making

Last but certainly not least, Salesforce itself is a significant -- though certainly worthwhile -- investment. By integrating their Salesforce implementation with VoIP, businesses empower themselves with a wealth of strategic data that supports faster and smarter decision making. For example, businesses can instantly see in real-time what leads or customers have not called within the last 30 days (or any other duration), if technical information provided online is reducing customer support calls (and if so, to what degree), and so on.


Hosted VoIP Phone Systems and Salesforce: The Ultimate Resource

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, constantly delivering a positive customer experience is no longer a best practice –– but rather an essential requirement. Indeed, every business regardless of industry needs to maintain healthy relations with their customer base to develop any kind of stability. With that in mind it’s no surprise that businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to gain a competitive edge thanks to true native integration of Salesforce’s class-leading CRM with their hosted VoIP phone system.

To put it bluntly: if your business is customer-centric, then Salesforce and VoIP can work for you.

Discover how a Salesforce + a Hosted VoIP phone system integration delivers these key advantages:

  • Record Matching that Streamlines and Personalizes Customer Experience –– so that you stay in touch with your customers’ needs and habits like never before.
  • Real-Time Visibility that Improves Efficiency and Performance –– by bringing your Salesforce CRM and your Hosted VoIP together, you’re providing your team with the best tools possible to complete any project.
  • Closed Loop Analytics that Increases Marketing Campaign Results –– stop speculating about your marketing results. With a Hosted VoIP and Salesforce partnership, you can eliminate the guesswork and get down to brass tax again.
  • Performance Management Tools that Monitor and Optimize KPIs and Metrics –– the best businesses are forward thinking. Stay proactive thanks to these optimizing techniques.
  • Built-In Flexibility, Versatility and Employee Ease-of-Use –– no matter where your employees are or what they’re working on, you can stay connected to your work remotely with a Hosted VoIP and Salesforce partnership. Treat any room just like it’s your office!
  • Directory Search that Drives Enhanced Employee Experience –– no more navigating through a maze of confusing and unintuitive web pages. Find exactly what you need –– when you need it.
  • Picklist Access Tools for Analyzing Performance, Resources, and Success –– know your business back and forth. From top to bottom, a Salesforce and Hosted VoIP partnership will grant you the clearest picture possible of how your company is operating.
  • True Mobility that Enables Employees to Continue the Work Journey Between Devices –– whether you’re on your smartphone, laptop, or in front of your monitor at your desk –– you’re never more than a click away from getting back to work.
  • All of the Above in Powerful, Lightweight App Available in the Salesforce App Store –– the ultimate convenience, service, and quality all in a free, easy-to-use app? Yes, it really is that good!

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