Votacall vANA

Votacall vANA will ensure IP Phone call quality and is the ultimate Business VoIP PBX redundancy solution. Votacall vANA is designed to optimize the bandwidth, clearing the route for high-priority traffic and eliminating jitter.

VoIP Phone call quality

We have proprietary algorithms that help us clean up the aggregated network connections. We put an application-centric rate limit on each access link and route the high-priority data in such a way as to avoid those limits, and drastically reduce jitter and latency. Our Bi-Directional Quality of Service engine is designed to avoid these poor line conditions both on outbound and inbound traffic, making your VoIP Phone call crystal clear.


Uptime is the Key to the success of Votacall ADAPT. The system's seamless failover ensures that no VoIP call is dropped if a network outage occurs. In fact, no matter the strain on your connections (usually caused by other applications running simultaneously), Votacall ADAPT will always ensure that your VoIP calls get the priority our customers need. Register for a Votacall vANA demonstration and we'll show you how we stand by our "no dropped calls on failover" guarantee. This added layer to our Managed Hosted VoIP offer is provide the ultimate redundancy, quality, reliability and customer experience. This is a game changer in the Cloud, this is the Votacall Difference.

Aggregated Bandwidth

Our system is different than other systems in the market. Our Patented technology allows us to combine connections to offer customers the aggregated bandwidth of all involved network connections.

With our system, our customers can combine a multitude of connections of any speed to maximize the performance of their network.

Combination Examples

  • 1.5Mbs + 3Mbps = 4.5Mbs
  • 1.5Mbs + 6Mbps = 7.5Mbs
  • 22Mbs + 6Mbps = 28Mbs
  • 2Mbs + 50Mbps = 52Mbs
  • 100Mbs + 50Mbps = 150Mbs



Increasing Network Reliability

More and more, today's businesses rely on network uptime. Whatever you're looking to do, if it involves accessing a network, up-time is critical. From Hosted Voice and Email, to Video-Conferencing and CRM, to the thousands of other business applications accessible remotely, companies are less able to accept downtime as 'just a part of the business reality'.

The vANA link aggregation system allows companies to combine connections from any number of different carriers, so that your company's up-time is not dependant on the the up-time of a single carrier.

Already have a redundant connection? We are in favor of what we call live-redundancy - where your redundant connection is actually on-line, giving you added reliability and allowing you to take advantage of the increased bandwidth.


Managing Application Quality

If latency, jitter, or mere down-time are real threats to your ability to perform application functions, our vANA system is the network technology you need. Our Quality of Service application helps keep network traffic in line, minimizing disruptions to critical applications.

Our system detects poor line conditions and dynamically shifts application traffic to put the most mission critical traffic down the clearest part of your pipe. We call it Multi-Directional Pathway Selection (MDPS) - it's a dynamic engine that will determine the clearest route for specific data, and ensure that traffic is dispersed accordingly.

Votacall VoIP PBX Redundancy

Seamless Failover

We call it seamless failover, but essentially our system makes failover a thing of the past. Our Multi-Directional Pathway Selection (MDPS) Engine monitors the connections regularly to determine where data traffic will flow with the fewest interruptions and dynamically aligns your applications accordingly.

Votacall IP Call Quality

No Dropped Words, No Dropped Sessions

With MDPS, the system will automatically detect if a connection is experiencing unacceptable quality degradation and will move your applications - you won't lose your VoIP call (not even a syllable!) nor will you lose any data for your applications.

Asymmetrical QoS

The growth in popularity of video-conferencing, web-based presentations, and cloud-applications has meant incredible advancements in bandwidth requirements. Our next-generation Quality of Service application allows your download-heavy applications to receive priority - regardless of their upload requirements.

Our "bi-directional QoS" is revolutionary.

No longer does peaking your download threshold strangle the application's performance. Now, you get dynamic QoS over all of the bandwidth (in/down and out/up), so that your applications - whether heavy in download or upload - can perform at their very best across your network.

Rate-Limit Avoidance

Our Quality of Service engine allows us to proactively avoid thresholds in your network connections that will affect application quality. With our system, we can limit the amount of bandwidth that can be used by a particular application. For example, a network connection may begin to drop an application's packets as the transfer rates hit the top 5% of the connection capacity. With our system, that application will never reach the connection's limit and excess data will travel elsewhere in the Network.

Our Quality of Service engine avoids rate-limiting by restricting application use on each connection. What we do is force the application to use the most reliable, most high-quality transfer rate windows - essentially controlling the application's quality regardless of how demanding the bandwidth requirements.

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