Hosted Call Center Solutions

A standard Call Center solution is no longer just a necessity for fortune 500 companies. The majority of businesses large and small have created an environment to support their call center solutions to meet the expectations of their customer base. Businesses that traditionally would not have considered call center solutions are now looking for different ways to efficiently touch and interact with their customers. The key to success in the design and implementation of a successful Call Center solution is the ability to promote the customer experience without dramatically affecting the bottom line. This movement has opened the door for the deployment of VoIP Contact Center solutions, specifically Hosted Call Center functionality.

According to a 2011 Frost & Sullivan report, "Call centers can lower the cost of their contact handling and workforce optimization infrastructure by up to 43 percent over a five-year period by utilizing cloud-based offerings rather than installing equipment in their own facilities."

Votacall is the leading provider of Hosted Call Center solutions, design and implementation. We have always considered ourselves innovators in the VoIP PBX market including Hosted Call Center solutions because we have a desire to constantly enhance our service and solutions. At Votacall, we believe that if your Hosted VoIP PBX Call Center solution is not providing your business a competitive advantage, we are not doing our job. Therefore, our product team constantly evaluates and enhances our VoIP Call Center solutions to meet the changing needs of our customer base.

What are the advantages of a Hosted Call Center Solution?

Financial Advantages

Minimal upfront costs and the "pay as you go" model, coupled with reduced maintenance fees and network costs make Votacall's Hosted Call Center solution up to 50% less than a traditional phone system.

Efficient call Queuing & Handling

The traditional concept of a legacy call center is to queue the calls at the customer location within the PBX and wait for an available agent, which requires enough trunks for both the active calls with agents and the calls waiting for agents. A benefit of a hosted call center solution is that the call can be queued within the provider's cloud network, and routed to an agent only when one is free. With a hosted call center solution you will take advantage of the ease of provisioning and managing multi-site and remote agents, using a single, central queue which routes calls to agents regardless of their physical location.

Scalability & Flexibility

Whether you are running a campaign, taking on new customers or entering your busy season a Votacall hosted call center solution allows you to have the flexibility to rapidly scale up and down to handle unexpected fluctuating call volume quickly without disrupting or changing infrastructure to meet your changing needs.

Access to Latest Technologies

Votacall is constantly adding layers to the call center platform in an effort to deliver the latest technology and functionality to end-users. Our platform is cloud-based, allowing the upfront and hardware fees to be minimal making our hosted call center solution affordable. Lastly, if you are a Votacall customer, all upgrades to the platform are passed down to our end-users at no additional charge.

Business Continuity

With hosted architecture, calls are queued in the Cloud and can be re-routed to alternate locations in the case of service disruption due to inclement weather, natural disaster or power outage.


As more enterprises rely on geographically dispersed call centers and agents, Votacall gives you you access to technology with built-in mobility functionality. Votacall can route calls to a user rather than a device, and can provide the mobile agent or manager with fully featured voice, video, unified messaging, and collaboration from any location.

Seamless integrations with unified communication services

Due to the nature of a cloud-based solution, Votacall hosted call center solutions can provide PBX and automated call distribution functionality while enabling seamless integration with UC services. Connect anywhere and anytime via videoconferencing, instant messaging, presence, and Web collaboration. Now users can easily transition between different environments (home, office, remote), while organizations can ensure a more consistent customer experience.

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